The Relationship Between Default Mode Network and Depression

When analyzing the brain and its many large-scale networks, researchers have identified a very strong connection between the Default Mode Network and depression. But, what exactly is the Default Mode[...]

By KCLA | March 17th, 2022 |

A Closer Look At Psychedelic Therapy And How To Find A Psychedelic Therapist

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the advent of legal psychedelic therapies, what those therapies entail, and how to find a psychedelic therapist for your needs. Psychedelics have now[...]

By KCLA | March 15th, 2022 |

Can Ketamine Be Used Recreationally For Depression?

Since the early 1970s, ketamine has been used in humans and animals alike as an anesthetic, most often prior to surgeries. Since it began gaining traction as a viable treatment for depression over[...]

By KCLA | March 10th, 2022 |

Can Psychedelics Promote Neural Plasticity?

While the use of ketamine to help treat symptoms of depression, PTSD, and other mental health disorders has certainly gained interest in recent years, a very exciting and somewhat unknown correlation[...]

By KCLA | March 8th, 2022 |

Is Microdosing Ketamine Beneficial?

As ketamine continues to prove itself as an effective treatment for depression, PTSD, and other mental health conditions, identifying its potential risks and side effects have also become top-of-mind[...]

By KCLA | March 3rd, 2022 |

Intention Psychedelics: Positive Intentions & Your Therapy Experience

The use of intention psychedelics has certainly grown in popularity over recent years, but throughout its recreational reign, the psychedelic experience has always been based upon a user’s character,[...]

By KCLA | February 28th, 2022 |

Here’s What You Should Consider Before Trying Ketamine At Home

Starting ketamine at home can be an extremely helpful way to treat depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions, but it is not without its risks. As ketamine continues to gain popularity[...]

By KCLA | February 24th, 2022 |

Ketamine Therapy And Music: The Auditory Connection

As research continues to shed light on the effectiveness of psychedelic therapy to treat certain mental health conditions, many insights have indicated a potential link between ketamine therapy and[...]

By KCLA | February 13th, 2022 |

The Relationship Between Ketamine and Meditation

Ketamine infusion therapy is quickly gaining traction as a legitimate treatment for certain mental health conditions. Not only are ketamine treatments for depression, anxiety, and PTSD safe and[...]

By KCLA | February 11th, 2022 |

Why Ketamine Funding is Not Accepted By Big Pharma

The clinical use of ketamine has significantly increased in popularity from top anesthetic to fastest acting and most effective mental health treatment for conditions such as anxiety, depression, and[...]

By KCLA | February 8th, 2022 |