Los Angeles can be Stressful! Here's how to Handle Your Anxiety

Los Angeles can be Stressful! Here's how to Handle Your Anxiety

By KCLA | October 1st, 2021 | Categories: Anxiety, Ketamine Infusion Therapy, ketamine treatments

You're not imagining it, a recent study by Forbes found Los Angeles to be the most stressful city in America. First, you've probably got concerns about crime and the cost of living. Then you've got to deal with the noise, the pollution, and the constant over-stimulation. Lastly, the bane of every commuter – traffic – rears its ugly head. With all these sources of stress, it can be difficult to overcome the anxiety of living in the city. Read on to better understand the stresses you're dealing with, and how to overcome them.


Los Angeles, like most major cities, has a number of elements which can overwhelm you mentally and emotionally. Some of the most prominent sources of stress are listed below.

  • Safety – Living in Los Angeles can be stressful due to the rising crime rates. Shootings and car thefts have spiked much higher according to the Los Angeles Police Chief, and these conditions can obviously increase your stress levels. Concerns about rising acts of violence may make you feel anxious about simply walking out your door each day.
  • Cost of Living – With housing costs in Los Angeles nearly three times higher than the U.S. average, this can be a significant source of stress. Changing employment opportunities due to the pandemic may force you to work long hours at multiple jobs just to keep a roof over your head. This kind of stress can be especially oppressive if it's not managed.
  • Noise & Air Pollution – Los Angeles is full of constant sources of noise. Throughout the day you're probably hearing sirens, lawn equipment, vehicles, a wide variety of animal sounds, and helicopters moving overhead constantly. All of these interruptive noises can take away your peace. Additionally, the air quality in Los Angeles is some of the lowest in the nation, and the many negative health effects from this can certainly be a source of stress.
  • Traffic – A report from Texas A&M found that Los Angeles commuters spend an average of 119 hours each year stuck in unmoving traffic. You've likely felt the helpless frustration that Los Angeles traffic causes. Watching the minutes creep by while you remain trapped on the freeway is an extremely stress-inducing situation.


Dealing with stress requires you to create buffers between your mind and the experience of living in the city. Some of the most effective methods are listed below.

  • Community & Pets – One of the best ways to handle stress and anxiety is by socializing. Feeling alone can make managing stress a very difficult prospect. By initiating small conversations with neighbors, you can start building a sense of community. Another way to make your home feel like a refuge from the stresses of Los Angeles is by having a pet. The key point in both of these options is that building emotional attachments to others helps keep anxiety at bay, and can make you feel safer in your community as well.
  • Write & Talk About It – One of the worst parts of stress is feeling like there’s no way to overcome it. It’s important to have outlets for these feelings. Express your feelings in a journal, or talk to someone you trust to help reduce the impact of stressful situations. Sometimes in life, you can't change the situation you are in, but you can change how you feel about it.
  • Outdoors & Exercise – When you start to feel overwhelmed by all the noise, smog, and constant stimulation of life in Los Angeles, it’s important to find places to get away from it all. Finding a quiet place in nature to rest, and using exercise to refresh your body are both excellent strategies. Engaging with nature and breathing clean air are vital for relaxing your mind. Likewise, the release of endorphins from exercise and the physical improvements to your health can dramatically affect your quality of life.
  • Aromatherapy & Soothing Music – Finally, everyone can fill their space with a pleasing smell and calming music at the end of the day. These small influences will help relax your mind and assist you in letting go of the stressful elements of your life. This, in turn, will help you get a good night’s rest, which is another of the important elements in being able to handle the stresses of life in Los Angeles.

Life in Los Angeles is full of all kinds of stressors which can make you feel like you are trapped. By using the strategies outlined above you can help reduce your sense of anxiety and find peace in your busy life. Best of all, as you begin to feel more in control of your own life, you’ll be able to help your friends, family, and community regain their balance as well.

Los Angeles is home to Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles, and we understand how stressful living in this city can be, no matter how much we all love living in Southern California. As a Los Angeles-based business, we can help you with ketamine treatments for depression, ketamine for anxiety, and other mental health disorders if the above strategies don’t address a more serious underlying condition contributing to your stress.

If you are currently suffering from any sort of mental health disorder, take a deep breath and make the decision to do something about it. Like any disease, mental health issues must be treated. If you need help getting your life back on track and are struggling with a mental health disorder, Los Angeles-based ketamine treatments can help you navigate Los Angeles more comfortably and effectively. Contact Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles at 310-363-7358 to find out if Ketamine Infusion Therapy may be right for you.


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