Intention Psychedelics: Positive Intentions & Your Therapy Experience

Intention Psychedelics: Positive Intentions & Your Therapy Experience

By KCLA | February 28th, 2022 |

The use of intention psychedelics has certainly grown in popularity over recent years, but throughout its recreational reign, the psychedelic experience has always been based upon a user’s character, and most importantly, their intentions. 

“Set” and “setting” are regularly correlated with psychedelics, and for good reason. “Set,” referring to one’s mindset and intentions going into an experience, and “setting,” relating to the physical and social surroundings during an experience, both play an important part in the holistic effectiveness of psychedelics. Intention psychedelics are built around this balance, by creating an environment in which a user can comfortably take part in the experience.

The Role of Set and Setting

You may have heard about a “bad trip” that a user experienced while taking psychedelics. While there are plenty of factors that can impact a “good” or a “bad” experience, the ground level usually starts with set and setting, even before it begins. Most, if not all of, psychedelic users will recommend a positive mindset going into an experience, especially for someone new. Why? Because, a user’s mindset beforehand has a direct role in how they feel during an altered state. The same is true for the setting; most people would also recommend that a user is in a comfortable environment, where they feel safe and content. Users are much more likely to have a positive, meaningful psychedelic experience when set and setting are carefully orchestrated. But, in order to get in that mindset and maximize the therapeutic value of the experience, intention is key. 

Setting Out Positive Intentions

Achieving that optimal mindset for a psychedelic experience is made significantly easier by establishing positive intentions beforehand, especially for therapeutic purposes. These intentions can be anything, and may vary greatly depending on the user’s reasoning for venturing into psychedelics in the first place. For recreational users, this can simply be a matter of curiosity. For others interested more in the healing capabilities, identifying the source of a personal struggle or past trauma as an intention may be more appropriate. Everyone has their own reasons for trying.

For those looking to treat symptoms of mental conditions such as depression and anxiety, setting out positive intentions can be as straight-forward as acknowledging the root cause of their condition, and asking questions as to why they want to treat it. Before going into any psychedelic experience, therapeutic or not, these intentions must be thoroughly considered, so a person can feel confident that their experience will be of value. Some great ways to set intentions include:

  • Reflection - Self-reflection and understanding can certainly create a purposeful future. Asking questions and keeping an open mind can pave the way for these positive intentions. Knowing why you want this outcome can erase certain doubts.
  • Positivity - Remaining positive before and during an experience can pay huge dividends to the overall effectiveness. It’s important for people to focus on what they want to achieve, rather than what they wouldn’t want to have happen.
  • Action and Commitment - Once you’ve established your true desires and expectations, commit that to action. Work on what you need to achieve these desires, and regularly check in on your progress.

A Clinical Environment and Setting With a Purpose

T​​he importance of trust in an intentional psychedelic experience cannot be understated, and even when a person has the greatest of intentions and mindset, the setting might not always balance out. A professional, clinical setting helps significantly and clinics like Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles have paved the way for best-in-class care so those looking to use psychedelics for therapy can feel the safety and comfort that is paramount to achieving a safe, successful experience.

Ketamine infusion therapy is a form of psychedelic therapy that seeks to treat symptoms of mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. These ketamine treatments are clinically and professionally administered in a safe and comfortable environment, such as a ketamine clinic. These experienced environments can help intentions become realized, and provide a level of trust that greatly impacts the overall success of psychedelic therapy. The ketamine infusion experience carefully keeps the patient’s intentions in mind, and many people dealing with these mental health conditions have seen success after taking part in ketamine treatment sessions.