Using Psychedelics For Social Anxiety

Using Psychedelics For Social Anxiety

By KCLA | February 7th, 2022 |

With increased isolation due to the Coronavirus pandemic and more and more people opting to take work and personal gatherings online, there is a dramatic spike in cases of reported social anxiety. With this sudden increase comes a pressing issue to address the associated symptoms properly. Among the many fields of treatment, one that is quickly sparking a nation-wide interest is the use of psychedelics for social anxiety—specifically, the use of psychedelic therapy on a supervised and clinical level. 

For over a decade, studies have indicated that certain psychedelics once thought to be dangerous actually have therapeutic benefits when used in a clinical setting. Psychedelics may be especially helpful for people dealing with certain types of depression, anxiety, addiction, and PTSD. However, while many Schedule I drugs in the U.S such as LSD, psilocybin, and MDMA have shown signs of treating these conditions, self-use of these substances is ill-advised. There are many health and other risks for those who choose to self-medicate. Instead, clinical and guided therapies seem to be where the most effective treatments are established.

Options for Psychedelic Therapy and the Legal Status of Ketamine

Those looking to explore psychedelic therapy for social anxiety and other conditions may find that addressing the topic can be challenging. There’s no easy way to present the idea of using acid or shrooms to treat mental health conditions when sharing with friends and family, but LSD and psilocybin can be very therapeutic.

However, one growing method for treating anxiety and other conditions is the use of a ketamine infusion. As opposed to the other Schedule I drugs that many may consider when thinking of psychedelics, ketamine is a Schedule III medicine that is completely legal for medical use, and is widely accepted as a safe procedure for treating anxiety and depression. The use of ketamine is regulated, as it can only be administered or prescribed by licensed doctors. This helps significantly as it allows for a clinical and professional setting to avoid the risks and unwanted side effects or setbacks that may be experienced.

Reaching Out When Needed

There is never a set time that people experience anxiety, and everyone’s situation varies greatly. However, the holiday season can catalyze many of these symptoms, and reaching out for treatment options is always advised. For those struggling with social anxiety, it is ever-so important to reach out to those in the mental health community who can help cope with this condition. A ketamine infusion seeks to deliver just that - a viable and effective supplementation to help individuals manage anxiety in social situations, while receiving the treatment in a regulated and safe environment. 

Ketamine For Anxiety

Ketamine infusion therapy is the most popular way to administer ketamine for anxiety, which is professionally and clinically performed in a comforting environment, such as Ketamine Clinics. This breakthrough therapy is uniquely effective in treating social anxiety when used in a clinical setting, and these ketamine treatments often work better and faster than traditional methods, such as antidepressants.

Dr. Steven Mandel and the highly experienced and compassionate medical team at KCLA has been providing ketamine treatments for anxiety and other conditions for over 8 years to over 4,000 individuals. As a board-certified anesthesiologist with a master’s degree in psychology, Dr. Mandel has been utilizing ketamine for more than 40 years. From KCLA’s state-of-the-art mental health treatment center, known as Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles, the team of 11 full-time staff has been able to target these instances of social anxiety and treat the symptoms.

Discover more about KCLA’s results in the press and other success stories that shed light on how everyday people are utilizing psychedelics for social anxiety. For any questions regarding KCLA’s services and therapeutic offerings, contact your new care team today.