What Is Mental Illness?

Awareness of mental illness is—thankfully—on the rise in the United States today. An important part of our growing awareness is recognition that mental illness is a disease like any other, causing[...]

By ketamine@dmin | January 9th, 2019 | Categories: Depression

New Study Indicates Ketamine Therapy Could Hold Promise for Adolescents Suffering from Depression

Adolescent Depression Treatment A new study recently published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology indicates that ketamine could be a promising treatment option for adolescents[...]

By ketamine@dmin | December 20th, 2018 | Categories: Depression

Ketamine Brought Them to The Surface

Below is a beautiful metaphor about the Thai soccer team rescue from the caves of Thailand, written by our patient William, who is still depression-free 9 months post treatment. Yesterday I came[...]

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Ketamine Therapy for Depression Gaining Popularity

Millions of Americans struggle with moderate to severe depression at some point in their lives and many turn to antidepressant medication and therapy for help. While drugs can help some people manage[...]

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When Depression is a Side Effect of Medication, Ketamine Can Help

Prescription medication may be the only way to treat certain conditions, however, many of today’s most prescribed — and powerful — drugs are not without their side effects. People taking common[...]

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Low Dose Ketamine Infusions Show Promise for Chronic Pain, Depression and PTSD

Some of today’s most debilitating conditions, such as chronic pain and depression, can be difficult to treat with traditional medications. While many people resort to pharmaceutical drugs to manage[...]

Ketamine Therapy Could Be The Solution for Teens Suffering from Depression

Teens Depression Treatment The National Institute of Mental Health reports that approximately 16.2 million Americans have suffered at least one major depressive episode in their lives. Adolescents[...]

By ketamine@dmin | August 14th, 2018 | Categories: Depression

IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy Can Create an Antidepressant Response

Intravenous ketamine infusions may be the answer for many people suffering from depression who have not responded well to antidepressant medication and other treatments. A study published in the [...]

By ketamine@dmin | August 10th, 2018 | Categories: Depression

My Story Before & After Ketamine Treatments for Bipolar

Denisse, a Nurse at Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles, shares her personal story: “The blue sky opens farther and farther, the daily sense of failure goes away, the damage I have done to myself fades,[...]

How Ketamine Helps Relieve Depression Symptoms Quickly

Depression Treatments Ketamine has been used for decades as an anesthetic because of its tranquilizing effects. It has also been used as a recreational drug because of its sedating properties and now[...]

By ketamine@dmin | August 4th, 2018 | Categories: Depression
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