Medical Community Recognizes Positive Effects of Ketamine for Depression

For several decades, millions of Americans suffering from depression and anxiety-related disorders have turned to antidepressants or other prescription medications to control their symptoms. While[...]

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A Life Changed By Ketamine

IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy Sadness Jittery Depression Man Anger

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Ketamine May Reduce Depression And Suicidal Thoughts Within Hours

Ketamine, used as an anesthetic for the last 50 years, is now recognized by the medical community as an antidepressant therapy that holds promise.

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How Ketamine Saved a Life

Ketamine & Depression Becca Belofsky Shuer wears a tattoo of a semicolon on the inside of her wrist. It is a symbol of hope and solidarity for people who are high risk candidates for suicide. Becca[...]

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Benefits of Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy: Treating Psychoemotional Diseases Like Depression

Treating Depression with Ketamine Ketamine Infusion Therapy is considered to be of the most promising treatments that can be used to fight the symptoms of severe depression.

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Healing With Ketamine IV Treatments

Ketamine IV Therapy Healing Options Ketamine Therapy has been around for more than half a century, and has been regularly used in various medical settings with safe and predictable results. Healing[...]

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Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy Can Help With Bipolar Depression

Can Ketamine Help With Bipolar Depression? Mental health conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, postpartum depression, PTSD, OCD, anxiety, and fibromyalgia are affecting a growing number of[...]

Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy Can Help With Major Depression

Can Ketamine Help With Major Depression? Ketamine is widely recognized and used by healthcare professionals as a safe and effective anesthetic. But wider therapeutic benefits of ketamine have been[...]

Ketamine Rehab Aftercare and Relapse Prevention

Ketamine Therapy offers promising health benefits for a variety of physical and mental health conditions. However, one of the challenges for a few people is that ketamine can have addictive[...]

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How Ketamine Infusion Therapy Works to Treat Depression, Anxiety, and Other Mood Disorders

Major depressive disorders, severe anxiety, and other mood disorders commonly inflict women and men of today. In fact, the number of patients suffering from psychiatric health conditions now[...]

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