Low Dose Ketamine Infusions Show Promise for Chronic Pain, Depression and PTSD

Some of today’s most debilitating conditions, such as chronic pain and depression, can be difficult to treat with traditional medications. While many people resort to pharmaceutical drugs to manage symptoms, results are not guaranteed, and many drugs have unwanted side effects. Now, researchers are exploring the option of using Ketamine Therapy as part of a treatment plan for chronic conditions and mental health issues.

Recent research shows low doses of IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy can be especially effective for treating chronic pain and mental health conditions, including PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder, and even depression. Clinical trials have led to new discoveries about the benefits of ketamine on the brain and the drug that was once used only as an anesthetic in the medical field now has a few off-label uses.

Low-Dose Ketamine Therapy for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain conditions can severely compromise a patient’s quality of life and many turn to painkillers just to get through the day. Those who end up with prescription painkillers usually receive a prescription for opioids. Opioids are a highly addictive narcotic with unwanted side effects, including drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, and constipation. They can be especially dangerous if they are combined with drugs such as antibiotics or even antidepressants. The United States is already suffering an opioid epidemic where people fall into the trap of becoming addicted to narcotics so finding alternative treatment options is a higher priority than ever.

Low-dose ketamine therapy may be a viable solution for the millions of chronic pain sufferers looking for ways to manage their pain. But how powerful is it? According to the results of a review published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, low-dose ketamine therapy can provide pain relief that’s comparable to morphine at 30 minutes for acute pain management in an ER. While more studies on dosing strategies for pain patients is needed, researchers are suggesting that preliminary evidence shows low-dose ketamine might even be used as an alternative to opioids for acute pain in an emergency department setting.

Low-Dose Ketamine Therapy for Mental Health Issues

People suffering from bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD, and depression are often at a loss when searching for viable treatments. Antidepressants often cause several unwanted side effects and often lead to dependency. Those who are suffering from depression, OCD, bipolar disorder, or other mental health issues related to imbalances in brain chemistry can benefit from low-dose ketamine therapy.

A 2017 study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, the first published study of sub-anesthetic ketamine infusions in a real-world population, reveals that low-dose ketamine for treatment resistant depression is effective and well tolerated. This is exciting news for those who have not been able to achieve a marked improvement in depression symptoms or related mental health issues with traditional treatment programs. 

Low-dose IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy is proving to be a viable way to relieve pain and treat mental health conditions that adversely affect a patient’s quality of life. Ketamine therapy treatment options are now available at clinics and easily accessible by those seeking alternative ways to manage chronic pain. For more information about Ketamine Infusion Therapy treatments for depression, bipolar, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), fibromyalgia, pain syndromes and other conditions contact us at Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles in Southern California (Orange County) by clicking here or calling  310-270-0625.


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