Ketamine Therapy Effective PTSD Treatment for Sexual Trauma

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Ketamine Therapy Effective PTSD Treatment for Sexual Trauma | Los AngelesIndividuals who have suffered from sexual trauma often get diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD can show up years, even decades after the traumatic incident and symptoms can range from depression to insomnia. While prescription medication, therapy, and counseling can help a sufferer manage symptoms and even process the trauma, drugs don’t always work and often have side effects. Now, researchers are discovering an alternative to prescription medications that may help many people seeking PTSD treatment for sexual trauma better manage their symptoms.


What Is Ketamine Therapy?

Ketamine received FDA approval during the 1970s as a fast-acting general anesthetic. It’s been used as an animal tranquilizer because of its sedative properties and has also been abused as a party drug because of it’s dissociative effects. Now, researchers are looking to ketamine for its off-label uses and have discovered that the drug may be a fast and effective treatment option for depression, chronic pain, and even PTSD.

In many cases, patients experience a noticeable difference after just one infusion treatment. Antidepressants can take several weeks, or even months, to start working, and some patients must try a number of different drugs before they can find one that works. Ketamine therapy either works or it doesn’t. The patient will normally know if they responded well to treatment within the first few infusions and the success rate remains high — about 75 percent for sufferers of depression, a common symptom of PTSD.


How Ketamine Therapy Can Helps PTSD Sufferers

PTSD sufferers often have damaged connections in the brain from the trauma they endured, and this can be difficult to repair with traditional drugs and therapy alone. Ketamine Therapy, administered in small doses, may be able to help repair these damaged connections and reduce many symptoms of depression and PTSD.

PTSD can cause significant emotional and even physical pain, affecting the quality of life of not only the sufferer but also their family. Individuals who have suffered some type of sexual abuse or sexual assault may experience traumatic nightmares, become distressed when exposed to reminders about the incident, or have flashbacks that take them back to the traumatic event. They often have negative moods and can be diagnosed with mild, moderate, or severe depression. Ketamine therapy could be an attractive option for those who are seeking PTSD treatment.

Today, individuals seeking IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy can find clinics across the United States administering ketamine. The treatment process is painless and many patients describe it as a relaxing experience. Patients simply sit in an infusion chair for up to an hour at a time and may need to come in over the course of a few days to achieve the desired dose. For Those suffering from PTSD because of sexual trauma may find Ketamine Therapy to be a valuable adjunct to other forms of treatment or as the main course of treatment, depending on the extent of symptoms. Treatment with ketamine provides hope for many people who have suffered some form of trauma in their lives and have been diagnosed with PTSD.

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