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Ketamine treatment for addiction-1ketamine-treatment-for-addictionKetamine Therapy Can Offer A Solution To Alcohol Addiction

Ketamine treatment for addiction can help patients overcome alcoholism by rewiring certain positive memories related to substance use, such as drinking. 

The treatment’s benefit gives hope to the tens of millions of people struggling with alcohol addiction.

Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles, which is led by Steven Mandel MD, provides ketamine infusion treatments to patients in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Research On The Use Of Ketamine For Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is often considered difficult to treat due to the complexities involved and limited treatment options. 

Psychologists at the University College of London are assessing the use of – ketamine for alcohol addiction – and whether it could help heavy drinkers reduce or get rid of their depending on alcohol completely. 

Recent studies suggest that ketamine treatment for addiction can help with disrupting negative behavior that results from addiction. By addressing and aiding with the underlying issues that often contribute to substance abuse, such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD, ketamine infusions can help stop cravings at the root. This is a separate process from the neurochemical changes that ketamine can cause in the brain to help curb cravings. 

Lead researcher, Ravi Das, believes there is credible evidence to support the notion that ketamine can help treat alcohol addiction.

Mr. Das elaborates that ketamine can help improve the cognitive patterns of an individual. An alcohol addict often associates a strong desire to drink with certain places. A positive feeling is associated with the urge to drink, which is difficult for a patient to resist. 

Hearing glasses clink, seeing a mug of beer, or even coming back home after a long day at work can trigger the desire to have a drink — which may lead a person down the spiral of alcoholism. 

Ketamine can help individuals and physicians identify a person’s thinking pattern in order to modify it so alcoholic behaviors can be changed for the better. 

A pilot study conducted by The American Journal of Psychiatry tested the effects of ketamine treatment on addiction. The study revealed that participants who received the treatment had a low relapse rate, building a strong case for ketamine infusion therapy success rate.

Ketamine Obstructs NMDA

Using ketamine for addiction obstructs a brain receptor known as NMDA — the receptor that enables the creation of new memories. 

At Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles, Steven Mandel MD and his team personally look after patients who come in for ketamine infusion treatment.

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