Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles Adopt Highways to Give Back and Help Keep the City Cleaner

Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles Adopt Highways to Give Back and Help Keep the City Cleaner

By ketamine@dmin | January 6th, 2019 | Categories: KCLA News

Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles adopted four highways in the Los Angeles, CA area in an effort to give back and keep the city cleaner. That’s 16 miles of litter removal per month! Check out our current signs located at:

  • 405 Southbound -  Waterford to Pico
  • 405 Southbound -  Imperial to Rosecrans
  • 105 Eastbound -  Hawthorne Blvd to 118th St
  • 101 Southbound - Barham to Lankershim

When asked why he decided to implement the program at depression treatment center Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles, Chief Operating Officer Sam Mandel said, “Growing up in LA has made me a lover of the city’s natural beauty. I’ve also seen lots of trash fill the streets over the years, with the amount of litter increasing. I try to do my part on a daily basis by reducing, reusing, and recycling, but not everyone is as willing. This is one more way that I and our Ketamine Clinics are giving back to the community we know and love.”

About the Adopt-A-Highway (AAH) Program

The Caltrans Adopt-A-Highway Program provides an avenue for individuals, organizations, or businesses to help maintain sections of roadside within California's State Highway System. Groups have the option to participate as volunteers or to hire a maintenance service provider to perform the work on their behalf.

The Adopt-A-Highway program, which began in 1989, has been one of the truly successful government-public partnerships of our time. More than 120,000 Californians have cleaned and enhanced over 15,000 shoulder-miles of roadside.

Participation can include one or more of the following activities:

  • Removing litter (work frequency varies with location).

  • Planting and establishing trees or wildflowers.

  • Removing graffiti.

  • Controlling vegetation.

The Adopt-A-Highway (AAH) Program is solely administered by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). Adoptions usually span a two-mile stretch of roadside, and permits are issued for five-year periods. For more information click here.

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